Saturday, 16 September 2017

"Rules of Persuasion" Book Review

My Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 2 Stars

I felt like I have read this book already, except the reason for the relationship is different. It wasn't any different from the countless pretend relationship, YA contemporaries populating the literary shelves. 

The secondary characters were props; their presence added zilch to the story. Yes, they listened to Meg complain about kissing the guy she now likes but that was about it. I didn’t connect with any of the friends and I kept forgetting their names. What good are they for except listening to Meg talk about boys and getting dressed up for her hot date? 

Meg was the cliché rebellious chick – rides motorcycle, check; wears black, check; has one main reason for behaving the way she does, check; gets into trouble for no good reason, like at all, check; is portrayed as sexy, check; has colored hair, check; is feisty, check, check and check; need I go on? She was quite forgettable though.

Luke, cliché hot guy – rich, sexy, athletic, good at schoolwork, wants nothing to do with his family’s money, wants to forge his own path in life, is whiny about having money yet uses it (clothes, food etc, car, fucking hypocrite, go live under a bridge if you want NOTHING to do with it). 

Rich does not equate to high-class in terms of behavior. The guy’s parents were rude and had a lack of basic manners. Is this how the author really wanted to portray them? As caring only about appearances instead of the well-being/happiness of their kids. 

The plot was fun, but the execution was lacking. The only kind of romance I can stomach is young love, reading and being taken along on the journey of two humans falling in love, especially those who had no intentions of doing so. 

I think this book’s best audience would be for the novice readers to the pretend relationship category; however, to those who have read countless of this type, steer clear.

Digital copy received from publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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