Wednesday, 11 May 2016

"The Humans" Book Review

My Rating: ★★★★★ 5 Stars

The Humans: A fun, witty and insightful read about an extra-terrestrial sent to Earth to destroy information far too advanced for the humans’ own good.

I always start with the cover since this is the first thing which captures the reader’s attention.
The Cover: The cover I have is the UK released version, not the one featured on Goodreads displaying a monochrome nose. My cover has a gorgeous blue backdrop fading into a washed out green then becomes a more pronounced darker green. It is covered with white dots depicting stars and looks absolutely magical with the dog sitting, looking up at a “falling star”.

I loved the cover. Could have been the dog which reeled me in, nonetheless, reeled me in it did!
The name also held my interest – The Humans. Just from reading the title I knew I was in for a treat. I knew I’d be reading from the perspective of someone who wasn’t human, entirely human or saw themselves as an outsider and that was enough for me.

The Content: So this book is actually about a Vonnadorian extra-terrestrial sent to earth posing as a human named Professor Andrew Martin. His mission is to destroy evidence of the solving of the impossible-to-solve Reimann Hypothesis. This E.T does not have a name of his own, nor does he need one because he inhabits the body of the Professor, and no one suspects a thing.

He is thrown into this situation without the proper etiquette for interacting with Humans on planet Earth and there ensues a hilarious account of trying to be human while accomplishing his sole mission- to destroy all evidence which also includes disposing of anyone who has knowledge that the hypothesis was solved.

I know not everyone will love this book as much as others did. I sometimes give 1 star to popular books which others absolutely love.

But this particular book was funny and it taught me some things about humans that I’ve never even thought about – everyday things which humans do which makes no sense if looking from the outside.
A fun, insightful read on humans which will have you laughing out loud like you’re insane and which will make you appreciate/despise (if you’re misanthropic) your fellow homo sapiens even more.

Now I'm going to find another Matt Haig book.

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