Thursday, 16 June 2016

"A Dark Billionaire Romance #1-6" Book Review

My Rating 
★★★★☆ 4 Stars

Thanks to the author for sending me the full series free of charge. I really do appreciate it.

Before I go into my review I just want to say, objectively, this was a good book. Buy the book, support the author.

My review is a bit odd. How can I give it 4 stars, say it's a good book that you should pick up, but not be in love with it? Well, it all comes down to preference; and I'm a very picky romance reader.

1. Romance.
2. Billionaires.
3. Lavish lifestyle.
4. BDSM?

What's not to love?!

I'm not a fan of romance, never will be.
Not a fan of Billionaires either, nor the lavish lifestyle.
Absolutely no comments on the fourth. BUT, I am a fan of Aubrey Dark since I first read Mine & His. I respect her writing.

This is not a review of her previous work but I feel it necessary to comment on how I was initially intrigued by her dark spin on romance and how I ended up wanting to read THIS series. Three reasons:
Her writing style - clear, concise, far from pretentious, one or two typos.
Her imagination - she has a dark mind, almost as much as mine, except mine is devoid of romance and would include much more torture.
Her research skills - she writes like she is an expert on the profession of all her male protagonists.

I liked this one, not as much as I liked the one featuring Rein (or was it Rien) but this was a good book. I can see the appeal. As I said, her writing style in her previous works was superb and that style was carried over to this series.
There was a plot to keep readers intrigued.
Enough romance scenes to satiate the erotic genre fans.

There was a scene featuring a character from one of her earlier books which made me speed-read then left me wanting more. Do you see? More than a year has passed since I read His & Mine and that one character has somehow always found a way to sneakily cross my mind. That's how much I enjoyed that book and in addition to the previously mentioned reasons, I wanted to read this series so that I could somehow recreate and forge a new connection to another character of hers. It didn't happen but not because of any negatives on the part of the author, but it's because I can only stomach certain types of romance. And those romance books need to be a lot dark with just a bearable hint of anticipated romance. I don't mean Fifty Shades of Grey dark or Stonehart dark (Uncovering you series). Those aren't dark in my books, those are merely mild BDSM bullshit. I mean dark dark, the real kind where the professional is in his element, has a scalpel peeling off the face of some bad guy while the girl is in the other room panicking but aroused (you know the book I'm talking about! Damn it!!).

Again, this was a good book. It really is. Go read it if you get a thrill out of the erotic genre. Support the author, buy her books

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